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Q-9 Superfood Quinoa Snacks

We’re all about Delicious Snacking

"The New Shape of Healthy"

Mother Earth's Snack offers healthy alternatives to snacking. Our gluten-free snacks are not only tasty—they're also considered very nutritious, with at least fifteen vitamins and minerals and nine essential amino acids.
Our assortment of snacks can be tailored for anyone, no matter what their taste buds or
dietary needs may be - 
try our superfood snack choices today!


Crispy Filled Bites

Crispylicious Treats!

Our crispy bites are a tasty and healthy snack alternative! 
SuperFood Bites are made up of only the healthiest ingredients. 

Q-9 SuperFood Snacks Vanilla Bites 1.5oz.png
Q-9 SuperFood Chocolate Bites 1.5oz.png
Q-9 SuperFood USDA Organic

Chocolate Bites

Q-9 SuperFood Cocoa Bites CRISPY LIKE WAFER.png

Vanilla Bites

Chocolate Bites are crispy cocoa wafers made solely from quinoa and filled with fine Italian semi sweet dark chocolate. With just three main organic ingredients;
cocoa, semi-sweet dark chocolate, and quinoa.

Vanilla Bites are crispy vanilla infused wafers made solely from quinoa

and filled with sweet white yogurt filling.

Every bite offers a nice mix of rich sweetness mixed with crispiness that mixes nicely with coffee or can stand alone as a satisfying afternoon snack.

These amazing Q-9 bites contain no gluten, GMOs, kosher certification & vegetarianism
so they're an excellent option for people who suffer from food allergies.


Get your hands on some delicious Q-9 SuperFood Bites today!

Q-9 SuperFood Snacks by Mother Earths Snack

Delicious, Healthy Snacking made simple

Looking for some new alternatives to your old favorites? Mother Earth's Snacks can satisfy any type of craving with our sweet or savory options. Start off by indulging in one of our yummy bites and styx; either covered in rich cocoa from Italy or filled with tasty vanilla yogurt - you're sure to find a flavor you love! For something a little less sweet, try out our crunchy quinoa puffs in four different flavors - classic ranch, white cheddar, zesty chili lime, and spinach parmesan. With all the ingredients being USDA Organic Certified, Non-GMO Verified, Kosher Certified and Gluten Free*, you'll feel great about what you're eating. And don't forget how important it is that we strive every day to make this world a healthier place through delicious snacks like ours!


Q-9 SuperFood Snack Chocolate Styx Bars
Q-9 SuperFood Snack Vanilla Styx Bars
Q-9 Superfood Snacks Vanila Styx
Q-9 Superfood Snacks Chocolate Styx

Crispy Delightful Bars

Vanilla SuperFood Fillings

90 Calories

100 Calories

Q-9 SuperFood Cocoa Bites CRISPY LIKE WAFER.png

The Treat You Can Eat Anytime!

Q-9 SuperFood chocolate-shaving

Chocolate Bars

Vanilla Bars

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Q-9 SuperFood Styx - delicious, crispy cocoa wafers made from quinoa and filled with scrumptious Italian dark chocolate or vanilla-infused wafers filled with a delicious sweet white yogurt. Every package has just 90 to 100 calories, making it the ideal treat for any age - and the health benefits don't end there.

Certified USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegetarian, All Natural, Non-GMO, and boasting 15 Vitamins and Minerals plus 9 Essential Amino Acids, you can indulge without any of the guilt.

Q-9 SuperFood Chocolate shavings in a heart_edited.png

All of our better-for-you snacks contains 15 vitamins & minerals along with 9 essential amino acids.

Q-9 SuperFood Snacks offers up a range of nutritious and super tasty options for everyone. With pure, natural ingredients at the core of our business, we take much pride in crafting every delicious snack with care.

Q-9 SuperFood vanilla shaving




Q-9 SuperFood Gluten Free
Q-9 SuperFood Kosher-Dairy
NFC GMO black white_bg_edited.png
USDA Organic Q-9 SuperFood
Mother Earths Snack

Q-9 SUPERFOOD          

 Crunchy puffs

Bursting with flavor!

This delightful little snack puffs provides you with an exciting burst of energy while being low fat and containing zero cholesterol. Plus there's no frying or grease involvedin this whole process!

Q-9 SuperFood Classic Ranch Quinoa Puffs
Q-9 SuperFood Zesty Chili Lime Quinoa Puffs
Q-9 SuperFood White Cheddar Quinoa Puffs
Q-9 SuperFood Spinach Parmesan Quinoa Puffs
Q9 SuperFood Crunch like a pretzel and lightness of popcorn
Q-9 Zesty Chili Lime Puffs
Q-9 White Cheddar Puffs.png

110 Calories

Spinach Parmesan Puffs

Ranch Puffs

White Cheddar Puffs

Chili Lime Puffs

Heart Shaped Quinoa Puffs

SuperFood Puffs are naturally gluten free and crunchy.

They come in four yummy flavors: Zesty Chili Lime, Spinach Parmesan,
White Cheddar, and Classic Ranch.


These hearty puff snacks offer fresh bursts of flavor from 100% natural ingredients
so go ahead and dig in - guilt free!


These treats are wonderful snacks for all ages. They're nature’s tasty snack!

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