Vision & Mission

It is our vision to engage and motivate our customers to choose healthier lifestyles incorporating delicious Q-9 SuperFood snacks and proprietary programs such as the "Q-9 Challenges". Our mission at Mother Earth's Snack is to make a positive impact on our consumers' lives and environments by creating nutritional and flavorful food items.


Q-9 SuperFood--a line up including Puffs, Bites, and Styx -- was specifically developed to fill a void in the expanding healthy snack food market. The name Q-9 SuperFood is a tribute to our star ingredient: Organic Quinoa, a grain/seed that contains all nine (9) essential amino acids, which our body does not produce on its own and must therefore be consumed through our diets. Additionally, because quinoa is highly nutritious, it is considered a Superfood.

                          Commitment to Customers

Q-9 products are always made with heart using the finest quinoa & ingredients. Our snacks are always: gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian friendly, Kosher, and made in the USA. We take utmost care in our process to ensure you receive the best, all-natural snacking experience we can provide. Q-9 SuperFood snacks are rich in vitamins & minerals, with perfect crunch and flavor. Our foods are never high in sodium and cholesterol.
We assure you, Q-9 SuperFood products are also never fried, never greasy, and do not contain artificial ingredients.

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