Q-9 Global Challenge 


“Q-9 Global Challenges” are being designed to support Mother Earth and our environment to “live a healthier life” and increase life expectancy.


The first challenge will help us defend against Global Warming with a contribution of sales going to re-planting and re-growing One Trillion Trees, more than JUST reducing carbon footprint...



 Q-9 mission:

✓ To serve and empower the reforestation community.

✓ To unlock the conditions needed to re-green our planet.

✓ To break down the barriers preventing conservation and restoration at scale.

✓ To connect the people that want to help with the people that can help them.

✓ To play our part in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and assist others in doing the same.

✓ To understand that time is not on our side and if we want to heal the planet, we must make every day count


Mother Earth's Snack