Q-9 Superfood Challenge by Mother Earth's Snack

Q-9 Lifestyle Challenge


“Q-9 Lifestyle Challenges” are being designed to encourage and support our customers to live a healthier lifestyle by making healthier decisions. "Partnerships” will be created and interaction encouraged among our customers, vendors, professional health providers and preferred partners to challenge them to eat healthier and maintain a healthier lifestyle.








Our mission is simple: to help you be well + truly healthy.

Ready to feel Energized & Healthy?

  • healthier decisions flush toxins from your system

  • lose weight

  • increase energy levels

  • reframe the way you look at food


This is the exact strategy to reset your system and find balance, happiness and lasting success with a healthy lifestyle.

Rather your goals are Detox & Energize or Slim down and reset my system, using the Q-9 Lifestyle Challenge will give you a balanced approach to healthy eating and mindful living that will seamlessly integrate into your busy lifestyle.


The first challenge will be a “Q-9 step” program” lifestyle challenge to increase exercise, workouts and dietary habits. Support and success will be tracked via our proprietary online app which can be downloaded.