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Lower your sodium intake to prevent chronic disease!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

New guidelines from the FDA

In October, new guidelines from the FDA were released regarding salt/sodium, aiming to lower sodium intake to prevent chronic disease. With only 0-70mg sodium per serving you can enjoy Mother Earth’s Snack without worrying about sodium!

NEW YORK (AP) — Food companies are coming under renewed pressure to use less salt after U.S. regulators spelled out long-awaited guidelines aimed at reducing sodium levels in dozens of foods including condiments, cereals, french fries and potato chips.

The voluntary goals finalized Wednesday for 163 foods are intended to help lower the amount of salt people eat. A majority of the sodium in U.S. diets comes from packaged or restaurant foods — not the salt added to meals at home — making it hard for people to make changes on their own.

Click the following link to learn more.

Registered Dietitian
Sharon Khalifa, Registered Dietitian, Consultant


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